Brežice is located "by the edge" above the confluence of the Sava and Krka rivers at an altitude of 162 meters above sea level. The town developed around the Brežice Castle due to its favorable strategic location in the Sava Valley at the transition from Croatia to "Kranjska" and Styria. Brežice received city rights in the 14th century and eventually became an important trade and craft center of Posavina.

Brežice is connected with the past wood trade by water because of the crews of rafters who loaded wood on tied rafts along the Sava. On their way from the Savinja Valley along Savinja and Sava to Sremska Mitrovica and Belgrade and along the Danube to Romania, rafters also stopped in Brežice. They sold part of the spruce and fir wood to wood merchants (innkeepers), refreshed themselves with food and drink in the rafters' inns and spent the night here, stocking up on meat and wine for the next water journey to the south.

From the tradition of rafting inns in Brežice, in 1986 in the heart of the old town center of Brežice, the Hotel Splavar was developed from an ordinary middle-class house, which with 15 rooms and 30 beds offers hospitality to modern rafters - travelers and businessmen looking for homeliness in an urban environment

Image titleApart from the tribute to the cultural heritage of the rafters, the red thread of Splavar is abstract painting art, which appeals to the guest through permanent and occasional painting exhibitions throughout the hotel premises.

On the hotel's large terrace, you can enjoy the authentic pulse of the historic city center.

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Anyone who wants the healing power and benefits of natural thermal springs can enjoy Thermal Riviera Čatež or Termah Paradiso, both only 5 minutes away by car.

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